by Studying

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Catalog Number: KIT-043
Artist(s): Studying
Album: Sophomoronic
Format: Cassette Tape
Release Date: December 5th, 2012
Pressing Info: 100 tapes


released September 28, 2012



all rights reserved


Keep It Together Records Elkhorn

dead record label from elkhorn, wi

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Track Name: Because What Has Hardened Will Never Win
Maybe the circuits that line my brain come with breakers to prevent an overload in the mainframe. Or maybe I’m just a shit liar who couldn’t keep a straight face the one time it really mattered the most.
Now the snow’s really coming down, let it bury us beneath the ground. Into a place where time stands still, where we can rest our heads and sleep until Old Peter sounds.
Above the gas in Earth’s atmosphere, landscapes turn to simple shapes encased in shades of blue. We could drive through three whole states and only move an inch. Don’t you see how we could disappear and the world wouldn’t even blink? 

Hiding in the back of my throat, under layers of winter coats, tender in the morning air, a thought that doesn’t want to be shared. But I don’t expect you to understand, “I love your eyes, my darling friend.”
Track Name: Nothing But Fingers
We weren’t smiling when we agreed that life is funny. I don’t think it’s silly to believe we can choose to be happy. A mattress on your basement floor is comfortable when there’s nowhere else to go, and I admit that I don’t know what I’m talking about but I’m trying my best to figure this shit out. The landscape through my camera lens looks better sketched on the back of my best friend and I can’t pay attention with this noise in my head but after all the softest voices among us must think the loudest thoughts instead.
Track Name: What Do You See?
Well I left home and moved into my head, where eyeballs act as windows to a world of pretense. Where hands don’t shake and eyes don’t meet, where clouds take the shape of memories.
I’m not okay
I’m not your friend
If we don’t talk then
This charade can end
Inaudible speech, that sound you’d make when I couldn’t sleep. Soft breath in my ear, and the rustling of sheets in the morning. I want to wake up in a house full of people that I know with your hands around my neck as I lean into your chest. Oh, remind me who I am before I completely forget.
Track Name: Tourist With A Typewriter
I lie in bed as the day turns to night, as the shadows grow longer and fade with the light. A curtain of white hides the world in its folds, wrapped in stitched-up fabric, cased with mold. I cannot breathe in this musty old room, beneath stained sheets that are soaked straight through with digested promises I made to myself that have since grown into habitual resignations.
Track Name: Where Bluestone Meets Carrier
Out in the woods behind the parking lot, a rusty moon begins its fall. Papers burn and shadows take shape, orange lights decorate the city-scape. Through the mud, I trudge on. Past the branches with open arms and the stars, who never asked for a damn thing, are only asking for my company tonight. Holding out for a spark, crying “have a heart!” I’m coming home, I’m coming home. Running blind through the dark, yelling “oh my god!” I’m coming home, I’m coming home. Rain’s striking pavement in the lightning storm and Jane’s screaming on the telephone, the sky grows bright as the tree line recedes and the wind rips across my cheek.
Track Name: Sophomoronic
I’m picking up the pieces of a broken glass beaker I dropped in my chem class when I was fifteen and I’m thinking of the times that we spent after school filming chase scenes and odd dreams and shit-tier horror scenes. Remember the days that we’d spend underground? Exploring the storm drains that we lived around, and loitering outside of fair city mall using band-aids to decorate those old, white walls.
Now I’m gone, I don’t know what I’ll do

So far away, for now this is goodbye
Out of this house (we love), I don’t know what I’ll do (without you)
Away from this state, lets make the most of this.
Track Name: Goodbye, I Guess
Haven’t heard a word in weeks, is this a friendship or fading memory? It’s what we can come to expect, when anything takes effort we’re quick to forget past promises, four year friendships.

I’ll say what should have been said: goodbye.